Multiple Compressor Supervisory Controls

Multiple Compressor Supervisory Controls

Load Sharing

It is important to distinguish between load sharing and sequencing. AirMaster is one of the few true load sharing systems available. Many companies use the term “load sharing” for what is really a sequencer. And sequencing is never a good solution for centrifugal compressors. Like a sequencer, AirMaster™ will automatically start, stop, load and unload multiple compressors but that’s where the similarity ends.

A load sharing system is one that is tightly integrated with the local controller and in effect creates one large virtual machine. This cannot be accomplished by using a PC or a PLC that communicates to black box local machine controllers. The local controller will always trump the sequencer when it comes to blow-off whereas a true Load sharing scheme will recognize that their available turndown in other networked compressors causing it to be used in place of unnecessary blow-off.


A Sequencing scheme is appropriate for Positive Displacement machines like Rotary Screws and Reciprocating  compressors. Case offers sequencing using a version of AirMaster called AirMaster-3PX

Blended and Engineered

There are really an unlimited number of architectures and control schems when it comes to managing multiple compressors that are influenced by many factors. The type of local controllers, whether they can communicate on a network, the number of headers involved, the presence of global system variables or even interface with the process. A look at your application and an understanding of your goals and Case is prepared to design the right Engineered solution for any compressed air system.