Air Dryer Controllers

Air Dryers are a key component in the overall delivery of clean, dry, compressed air. Unfortunately, they are often a forgotten or neglected critical asset that usually ends snowballing into a serious host of problems that could have been mitigated. Our AirStarDC is a PLC based controller that aims to eliminate those problems. We’ve designed this controller to easily integrate the existing dryer into the overall compressed air system control architecture. By driving efficiency and capturing live critical data, AirStarDC will ensure the reliability and effectiveness of the complete compressed air system.

AirStarDC is compatible with the following types of dryers:

• Heatless Desiccant Purge (Twin Tower)
• Steam or Electric Heated Blower Desiccant Purge
• Heat of Compression (HOA)
• Refrigerated

AirStarDC Features:
• Dew Point Control/Timer Control
• Tightly Ingrate with the Compressors
• Scalability for Additional I/O
• Ease of Network Integration

Compressed Air Dryer System

Through a relatively simple setup and walkthrough based menus, configuring your preferences is easier than ever. AirStarDC also has the added benefit of being capable to incorporate other types of instrumentation and control devices. Dew point monitoring is typically the control variable of choice but that isn’t the only information worth collecting.