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“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Measuring and collecting critical data doesn’t just help tell a story, if used correctly, it’s a predictor of what’s to come…

In the world of reliability, historical trending and data analysis provides key indicators of what troubles may lie ahead, otherwise known as failure forecasting. With this information made readily available it allows for vital decisions to be made to mitigate unforeseen disasters and downtime. Knowing how to be prepared for these challenges touches into the realm of reliability, a prerequisite for a robust solution. Data begets knowledge, and knowledge is power.

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Visualization Suites

The compressor room is usually not the most convenient or hospitable environment to operate your compressors or monitor your compressor data. Early detection of compressor performance issues is key to avoiding costly repairs and downtime.  With Case Controls’ AirView™ data visualization systems the possibilities for compressor data monitoring and reporting are nearly unlimited.

• AirViewSE™ (Site Edition) – Is a Server Class FactoryTalk® View system for viewing the local compressor controllers. Single station or Client Server.

• AirViewSRP™ (Supervisory Redundant PanelView) – Configures a PanelView unit to monitor all compressors from one location (the local controller PanelView remains.) Hardware includes PanelView Plus HMI with upgradeable sizes available.

• AirViewME™ (Machine Edition) – A PC-based FactoryTalk® View system that allows the viewing of the the local compressor controllers. Hardware includes a desktop computer, and monitor preconfigured with our AirView software.

• AirView Cloud™ (Cloud-Based Visualization) – Cloud-based, real-time data monitoring application, enables monitoring of multiple systems from a central or remote location. What’s more, you can monitor more than one location from a single source including your mobile device.

• AirViewVP™ (ViewPoint) – Grants the ability to monitor the individual compressor controllers via a web browser on any PC on the same network.

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Powerful Real-Time Data

Real-time data monitoring from a central or remote location

Simultaneous Data

Monitor all compressor controllers simultaneously

Scalable Solutions

Scalable to monitor other utility systems and incorporate additional compressed air critical equipment

Live Data Trends

View live trends, historical data, and various metrics for evaluating the performance and condition of the system and it's parts

System Notification & Response Time

Immediate notification of faults and alarms permitting faster acknowledgement and appropriate response

3PX - Networking and Data Acquisition

In this application a Case Controls 3PX controller can read all variables, change compressor set points, start, stop, load and unload the compressor by sending commands to the controller.

The is not a substitute for load-sharing. The program in a microprocessor as a local controller cannot be modified to work in a true sharing scheme. However, coupled with our AirMaster software we take automation to a whole new level by using the data to accurately control the entire system.

Once all of the controller data is mapped into the 3PX system it is organized, documented and made available for third party PLC programs, Visualization, SCADA, and DCS systems. Currently, 3PX has predefined data maps to read and write data to several OEM controllers of centrifugal and Rotary Screw compressors.


*The following configuration is an example of a standard build. Each control system can be customized to meet your specific requirements.



Nema 4/12




Light Gray


115 lbs.



A-B Micro850

Analog Inputs

(4-20mA, 1-5V)


Digital Inputs




7" PanelView Plus 800 (Touch)

Emergency Stop

Push Button

Control Power

Selector Switch



Port Used for Connection to HMI

Serial Port

Used for Connection to Modem or Optional Modbus



Enclosure System

•Nema 4X SS Enclosure Rating
•Purgeable Instrument Access Door for HMI
•Vortec Panel Cooler
•Panel Air Conditioning
•Panel Heater
•Larger Display



PLC Components

•Analog Inputs - Up to Eighteen
•Analog Outputs - Up to Four

Control Scheme

•Variable Speed Drive - Optional

480V Power Package

•Oil Heater Contactor
•Blower Motor Starter

Ready to



Compressor automation isn’t only about efficiency and reliability. It’s about delivering a solution that lends peace of mind. An autonomous, real-time monitoring, state of the art product that solves the need for tedious, daily, manual manipulation, and guess-work. With real-time monitoring and data collection you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the most out of your system. Don’t settle… do more, take control.

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