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What Are the Advantages of Rotary Screw Controllers?

oil free air Rotary Screw Controllers

Few things are more important to an industrial business’ bottom line than the state of their air compressor systems. Efficient air compressors reduce energy bills, prevent shutdowns and keep things running smoothly. Conversely, inefficient ones cause all sorts of headaches for business owners, while wasting energy and increasing expenses. Rotary screw compressors are one of… Read more »

Reliability and System Transparency

What IS reliability?  Here at Case Controls we specifically explore what we mean by reliability by addressing terms such as uptime and downtime, as these are the key considerations or outcomes desired by the operators.  Metrics for understanding reliability have been long discussed, understood and widely taught throughout different industries largely intended to provide clairvoyance… Read more »

The Importance of Air Dryer Controllers

Compressed air is a foundational utility for manufacturing companies. It’s used to keep a wide range of vital machines and other devices working properly. When it’s not , it increases energy costs for businesses and puts extra, unneeded wear and tear on machines.  Moisture is one example of a variable that can cause issues for… Read more »

Optimizing Compressor Reliability in Manufacturing Plants

In manufacturing settings where companies depend on compressed air systems to maintain their operations, the reliability of these systems is of the utmost importance. System failures are costly mishaps that can derail production and have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. That’s why at Case Controls, we implement certain system redundancies and automation… Read more »

Safety Concerns Associated With Compressed Air Blow-Off

In factories and other industrial settings, it’s not uncommon to see workers remove dust and debris from their clothing and skin using compressed air guns. While this might seem like an innocuous and practical method of cleaning off after a long day of work, compressed air can actually cause severe injuries and even death when… Read more »

What Is a PID Loop for AirLogix?

The term PID is short for proportional, integral and derivative. The AirLogix® controller uses a total of four PID loops to optimize the performance of a centrifugal air compressor. A PID loop is a complex method of controlling a process (in this case air pressure) using feedback. Simply put, the PID is constantly looking at… Read more »

Upgrading the Compressed Air System at ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor

In 2016, Case Controls was recruited to help upgrade a compressed air system at the AcelorMittal Indiana Harbor steel mill. The plant had recently revamped its No. 2 continuous caster machine, and the compressed air upgrade was necessary to support the machine’s air mist system for secondary cooling. In addition to installing new compressors, the… Read more »

Compressor Check Valves: What They Do and Why They Fail

A compressor’s check valves perform an essential function that’s vital to the operation of a compressed air system. Located between the compressor and the air receiver tank or main header, a check valve is designed to prevent air from bleeding out of the tank or header and back into the inlet line when a compressor… Read more »

A Brief Explanation of Centrifugal Compressor Valves

The valves in a centrifugal compressor are responsible for regulating air intake and the bypass air.  This regulates the air discharged and also works to prevent surge. Within a compressor, you can typically find several different types of valves that each serve a unique function. Learn more about a few of the most common compressor… Read more »

An Introduction to the Industrial Internet of Things

The revolutionary technology that has come to define the Information Age can allow us to do much more than just surf the web and check our emails. Over the course of the past few decades, the Internet has had a similarly transformative effect on industrial infrastructures as well. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a… Read more »