Centrifugal Air Compressor Controllers

Premier Centrifugal Compressor Controller

AirLogix® is the undisputed standard in the controls for centrifugal air compressors. Built on Allen Bradley Logix PLC platforms as the local compressor controller, AirLogix creates a solid, open platform for utility automation that has no equal.

Most importantly AirLogix is reliable, being built on an industrial grade platform with a twenty year life cycle that is proven in tens of thousands of installations. Secondly, it is designed to manage energy and this too is proven over and again. Lastly, AirLogix is extremely configurable with very powerful operator interface tools that put you in charge of your ability to support your operation. Take a close look and you’ll agree there isn’t anything like this offered anywhere.

AirLogix can be built on Compact or ControlLogix hardware. Systems are assembled in our UL panel shop for installation indoors, outdoors, in hazardous environments and in many cases with plug and play retrofit kits that can be installed in your existing enclosure, using the OEM  compressor wiring harness’ in as little as 2-3 hours.

With compressed air a mission critical utility to your plant process it is important to understand you are not just buying a PLC system, but a software solution and one that you will live with for twenty years.

We expect you will ask questions about control algorithms, sequence of operations, flexibility, scalability, life cycle, contingency operation, security and more. We stand ready, even anxious to address those questions with answers that are relevant and proven.

The control scheme completely automates the compressor, continuously adjusting to real-world conditions including air density, demand changes and others.

There is sophisticated simplicity in the elaborate HMI that allows complete configuration, troubleshooting, and operation of the compressor. Following are some of the facets of controlling a centrifugal that can be addressed by from the HMI.

Don’t settle for just any PLC controller; AirLogix represents man-years of development and offers feature-rich sophistication that can only be appreciated by seeing this revolutionary product in action. That’s why we built the AirLogix Online Interactive Demo.

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