Proactive Analysis for Compressed Air Systems

UL Certified

How it Works

The AirLogix program in the PLC has routines that collect historical data regarding the performance of the compressor. This data is logged, time stamped and available for remote retrieval by Case.

With a VPN, analog modem or cellular modem connection Case will retrieve the historical data which is then turned into a 30 page report presenting the data in graphical trends and tabular data.

The report is then reviewed by an engineer who makes comments on alarming trends. These reports are submitted to your company who can then make informed decisions about predictive maintenance.

AirWatch services can be performed on demand or on regularly schedule intervals and are billed by the hour.

Contents of a Typical Airwatch™ Report

A typical AirWatch Report consists of approximately thirty pages of historical data pulled directly from the controller. Included are the following sections:

  1. Cover Page with Contact Information, Machine ID, and Case Serial Number
  2. Recommendations Page with Comments Regarding the Data Collected
  3. Compressor Data Page Showing Overall Compressor Design Facts
  4. Configuration Page Showing Analog Input Scaling and Alarm and Trip Setpoints
  5. AirMaster Load Sharing Configurations
  6. Alarm History
  7. Event Log
  8. Surge Graphs
  9. Trip Graphs
  10. Trip Data
  11. Long Range Trends on Analog Inputs