AirLogix® is an advanced control solution for centrifugal air compressors. Built on the Allen-Bradley family of PLCs we’ve developed a solution that delivers unmatched results. AirLogix® optimizes energy efficiency, increases reliability, and promotes system visibility through data and integration. Each controller we build is custom, engineered specifically for each application, and done with nearly unlimited capabilities.

What sets AirLogix® apart from any other controller is our unique control algorithms and methodology. Through decades of experience, we’ve developed a product that completely automates and optimizes the compressor. To achieve this, we continuously monitor and adjust for real-time major influences on performance like changes in ambient air temperature, pressure, and various rate-of-change functions.

AirLogix® is incredibly user-friendly but also open-source which means it consists of no Case Controls proprietary hardware. The HMI home screen provides an easy to understand, detailed machine information at a glance. Additional screens provide the ability to create and tailor personalized views to display the information that is of the greatest interest. We give you the tools to add, name, scale, configure I/O, tune PID loops, manual valve control, and so much more.

Unlock the true potential of any centrifugal air compressor with AirLogix®.

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Dynamic Throttle Limit (DTL™)

Case Controls unique proprietary control algorithm which compensates for changes in ambient air temperature fluctuations. This provides for greater turn-down in centrifugal compressors resulting in improved energy savings and superior surge control protection.

Full Control HMI Functionality

Human machine interface (HMI) allows for the complete configuration, tuning, troubleshooting, and operation of the compressor. Complete with detailed information, data trending, and graphics for easy to use and understand control at the fingertips.

Industry Standard Automation - Allen-Bradley PLCs and HMIs

Built on the Allen-Bradley industrial control solutions by Rockwell Automation, Case Controls uses ZERO proprietary parts. This means customers are free to select from a worldwide distribution network and multiple vendors for replacement hardware components and product support.

Documentation & Diagrams

Complete documentation sets including wiring diagrams, parts lists, and user-manuals, which thoroughly address set-up, tuning, troubleshooting and operations.

Software Back-Up Copies

Back-up copies of the specific buildout are provided on memory cards and shipped installed in the PLC and HMI for insurance in case of hardware failures.

Ethernet/IP Communication

Native communication protocol is Ethernet/IP. Other protocols are optional for connection to any third-party system.

Plug and Play Retrokit

Tried and true control upgrades for OEM legacy controllers which make for fast and easy installation. By utilizing the existing enclosure, our Retrokits are designed to fit with minimal compressor downtime.

AirLogix® compatible with 3PX-Backbone™

This feature enables and permits the electronic integration of Case Controllers with numerous third-party controllers.


AirLogix® retrokits are configured for a quick plug and play installation. Typical installation can be completed in approximately four hours. Retrokits are available for the following OEM control systems:

• Ingersoll-Rand – MP3, CMC, Xe, Universal

• Joy, Cooper, Cameron – Quad III, Quad 2K, Vantage

Retrokits include additional instrumentation and all necessary devices to complete installation. In some instances, the PLC requires an additional satellite enclosure due to space limitations in the existing enclosure.

Engineered Systems

We understand a one-size-fits-all approach frequently doesn’t offer the best solution. Here at Case Controls we are fully capable of customizing a control system geared toward your specific needs. The AirLogix® system is offered as an engineered system designed to meet your unique specifications and environmental conditions. You name it and we can build it! Just one more reason Case Controls is the industry leader in compressed air automation.


*The following configuration is an example of a standard build. Each control system can be customized to meet your specific requirements.



NEMA 4/12 Enclosure


36”h x 24”w x 12"d


Light Gray


166 lbs



AB CompactLogix L30ER

Analog Input

(4-20mA 1-5V)


Analog Output



Digital Inputs



Digital Output

(12-250 VAC/VDC)




10" PanelView Plus 7 (Touch)

Emergency Stop

Push Button

Control Power

Selector Switch


Dual Port Ethernet IP

HMI & Network Connections

Ethernet Switch

5 Port Unmanaged

Cellular Modem

Used for Remote Support


Power Requirement

120VAC; 10A



•Type 4X SS Enclosure Rating
•Purgeable Instrument Access Door for HMI
•Panel Heater
•Panel Cooler
•Larger PanelView
•Redundant Power Supplies
•Advanced Vibration Monitoring


• ControlLogix 5570, 5580
•CompactLogix 5380

PLC Components

•Additional Analog Inputs
•Analog Outputs - Up to Eight
•Discrete Inputs & Outputs
•HART compatible analog modules

Specialized Engineering

•Advanced Feedforward Algorithms
•Redundant I/O (2oo3 Voting)

480V Power Package

•Auxiliary Oil / Pre-Lube Starter
•Oil Heater Contactor
•Control Circuit Transformer
•Lockable Disconnect


•Modbus TCP
•Modbus RTU
•BACnet/IP & BACnet MS/TP

Ready to



Compressor automation isn’t only about efficiency and reliability. It’s about delivering a solution that lends peace of mind. An autonomous, real-time monitoring, state of the art product that solves the need for tedious, daily, manual manipulation, and guess-work. With real-time monitoring and data collection you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the most out of your system. Don’t settle… do more, take control.

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