AirMaster™ Load Sharing Solution for Multiple Compressors

AirMaster will throttle multiple compressors for the greatest energy savings without sacrificing reliability. AirMaster eliminates unnecessary blow-off by utilizing the turn-down of all centrifugal machines in the system until maximum system turndown has been reached. In other words, you will see multiple machines throttle to keep from opening blow-off valves, until there is sufficient capacity to allow one machine to unload and timeout. Under the rules defined by you, an unloaded machine can be shut down and restarted automatically to further maximize energy savings.

Floating-Master Architecture

When Case Controls AirLogix™ local controllers are used, AirMaster does not require a dedicated Master PLC, but uses our proprietary Floating Master scheme. The logic resides redundantly in each local controller. The controller “in charge” executes logic to manage the entire system via network communications. Should the controller in charge be lost for any reason the next priority controller takes over and manages the remaining machines.

Each machine retains its local system pressure transmitter for use by the entire system. All networked controllers powered by AirMaster can be configured from any local controller or remote HMI.

Dedicated Master Architecture

When AirStar™ local controllers are used, AirMaster requires a dedicated Master PLC. The logic resides in the master PLC and commands the network of AirStar controllers or even a combination of AirLogix, AirStar, AirStarRS Rotary Screw and AirStarRC Reciprocating Compressor controllers.

Third-Party Controllers

AirMaster can be installed on a Case Controls 3PXBackBone™ controller which allows communication to third-party OEM proprietary control systems; these third-party systems can then be incorporated into the AirMaster control scheme without replacing all of the existing local controllers. This makes AirMaster benefits available to a growing list of OEM local controllers on positive displacement and centrifugal machines alike.