AirMaster™ Load Sharing Solution for Centrifugal Compressors

In multiple compressor systems, maximum efficiency is achieved through true load sharing that continuously matches facility demand with supply capacity while balancing the load between compressors. AirMaster™ is a load sharing solution for centrifugal compressors that easily manages multiple centrifugal compressors and automatically starts, stops, and throttles each to realize the greatest energy savings without sacrificing reliability.

Load Sharing

AirMaster™ is a PLC system that sequentially throttles centrifugal compressors to ensure each compressor completes a turndown before subsequent compressors are throttled. Sequencing maximizes the turndown of all centrifugal compressors in the system to eliminate unnecessary blow-off. It works by throttling multiple compressors at once to prevent blow-off valves from opening while maintaining capacity so that any individual compressor can unload and timeout. User-defined rules allow an unloaded machine to be shut down and restarted automatically to maximize energy savings further.

The AirMaster™ load sharing solution for centrifugal compressors is a highly configurable system that is easily adapted to a variety of systems and conditions. They are designed to work with AirLogix™ local controllers and are capable of communicating with third-party OEM proprietary control systems. This allows the AirMaster™ to be used even when the existing local controllers haven’t been replaced. AirMaster™ systems are also pre-engineered, so they are readily available.

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