AirMaster™ for Non-Centrifugals

noncentrifugal airmaster

It is not uncommon for a multiple compressor system to include more than centrifugal compressors. A compressed air utility might be comprised of both non-centrifugal compressors – such as rotary screw compressors, variable speed screw compressors, and reciprocating compressors – and centrifugal compressors alike.

Non-centrifugal compressors operate and perform differently than their centrifugal counterparts. These differences need to be taken into account when optimizing the performance of the whole air utility system. Specialized non-centrifugal compressors load sharing solutions are needed to manage these differences and optimized load sharing.

To maximize efficiency and accomplish true load sharing that continuously matches facility demand with supply capacity while balancing the load between centrifugal and non-centrifugal compressors, Case offers an engineered approach. We are able to combine AirLogix™, AirMaster™, and third-party proprietary control systems seamlessly to design a non-centrifugal compressors load sharing solution for the best energy efficiency possible.

For more information on how non-centrifugal compressor load sharing solutions can be utilized in your facility, contact the Case Engineering team today.