AirGate™ Multiple Header Management

AirGate™ Multiple Header Management

In distributed compressed air utilities, both higher-pressure and lower-pressure air are delivered throughout a facility. The efficiency of these systems can be improved by using excess capacity from higher-pressure capacities for lower-pressure service. However, accomplishing this is not merely a matter of adding a crossover valve between the higher and lower pressure side. The bleed-off must be appropriately managed through a multiple header compressor management system to prevent both blow-off at the lower-pressure machines and increased duty cycle at the higher-pressure machines.

Air Gate™ Multiple Header Management is a multiple header compressor management system that allows compressed air to be shared between headers. The PLC valve controller is designed to coordinate crossover valve(s) bleed-off by controlling pressure on either the higher or lower pressure side. The result is better utilization of excess capacity and improved reliability and pressure stability throughout the system, which translates to gains in overall system efficiency.

AirGate™ multiple header management integrates with the Case Controls AirMaster™ system to optimize airflow across multiple headers. It can be utilized as a simple crossover valve or implemented as a pressure flow controller system.

AirGate™ multiple header management is customizable with five modes of operation:

  1. Manual Setpoint Control
  2. Bypass Reduction Mode
  3. Low-Pressure Control Only
  4. Low-Pressure Control with High-Pressure Protection
  5. Low-Pressure Control with High- and Low-Pressure Protection

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